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      Dont worry yourself, said Simon, with malignant irony. Youve got to come along with us dead or alive; you can take your choice.

      I thought you were looking thinner andand, well, not as you usually look.Norman colored and bit his lip, and glanced at Trafford uneasily. A cloud was gathering on Traffords face.

      "I said if I couldn't keep him at home I ought to get him into the cavalry. You know, dear, in the infantry the marches are so cruel, the camps so--"Not lately, said Varley. Get out of the light.

      Thank you, Lilias!"Ye-es," drawled the bride incredulously, "but--"

      How dare I? For Gods sake, what do you mean? he exclaimed. Why do you look at me like thiswhy do you talk to me! What about Esmeralda? She is here, isnt she? And he looked round vaguely.Half an hour later Mother Melinda came up the hill and glanced in at the window; the door was closed. She just glanced, then, with a silent chuckle of satisfaction and delight, turned, and went down the hill again. And not until she had reached the bottom did she laugh outright, and, with tears in her eyes, exclaim: God bless my dearie! Oh, God bless my dearie!

      Yes; isnt it? assented Norman, with a laugh that sounded awful in his own ears. The houses seemed whirling round him, the sky pressing down upon his head. Trafford going to marry Esmeralda! Trafford going to marry Esmeralda! The sentence kept repeating itself in his brain in a maddening fashion.

      The duke looked on delightedly, and many of the staidest caught fire at the flame of her bright, flashing spirit; the dinner was, unlike such functions, both brilliant and enjoyable. But it was with Norman that she exchanged her airiest badinage, that swift, delightful repartee which came of the old Three Star stock with London wit grafted on it.



      He drew a long breath; he had done his best. Trafford accepted the explanation quite unreservedly. It was little wonder that Esmeralda should be nervous and easily upset that morning.